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At the time Nuclear Deal, Left withdraw support to the UPA Government. At that time, we predicted Government continues. No problem at all to the Government. Government completed their term definitely.

Bhavishyavani Part 7

Bhavishyavani Part 6

Bhavishyavani Part 5

Bhavishyavani Part 4

Bhavishyavani Part 3

Bhavishyavani Part 2

Bhavishyavani Part 1

On October 29, 2008, we are also predicted on CNBC Awaz for 14000 index. We also said that Numerology indicates bull market started, our target was 14000.

Predicted that UPA will win.

Bull market starts in Stock Market and Gold market. Gold reach above 15000 level.

At that time, we predicted bull market continue. Do not fear and buy as your strength.

20-01-2011 Weekly Video

22-06-15 to 26-06-15 Nifty & Bank Nifty targets

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